History of Military Diving Watches

A historical Diving watch, also known as a Dive watch or a Diver’s watch, has a water resistance of around 660 to 980 feet, which is 200 to 300 metres. Contemporary diving watches however have been able to use modern technology to make models that are capable of much deeper depths, and still operate to peak performance. We must remember though, around close to 100 years ago, the diver’s watch was revolutionary in what it could enable combat diver’s to achieve.

It is written that watchmakers Rolex and Blancpain both claim to have invented the diving watch, however it also strongly claimed that combat swimmers in the military independently drove on the invention and development of such underwater apparatus. It is generally known that the first military diving watch was the Panerais, which was used by the Italians in the early war years. These watches were basically a Rolex model 3646 with a special dial attached made by Panerai. During this time, these divers were known by the British as ‘Human Torpedoes’, as the combat diver’s could achieve great depths with this new watch type.

Diving watches are extremely popular today and are not just owned and worn by divers. People prefer this kind of watch when going on travels that will involve scuba diving as a recreational pursuit, or just swimming, as well as people in everyday life not even going near water. A diving watch will promise a sporty and functional design, and comfort, along with increased durability. Military diving watches, old and new, are every bit if not more so desirable today, either for practical wear, or for collection. Here you can browse and shop the very best in modern diving watches, ideal as sports watches and in place of less reliable water resistant watches.